Friday, July 2, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Like many little sisters, I have always looked up to my big sis. My sister has an amazing blog called Painting the Roses White, which I follow religiously. In true little sister fashion, I am following her footsteps and entering the world of blogging.

My biggest fear of blogging is that my life is not interesting enough for people to find worth following. My other fears include: offending someone (with my rather blunt sense of humour), making spelling mistakes (which happens a lot) and the possibility of my boyfriend breaking up with me because between the time I spend on my iPhone and now my blog, he may lose me all together to the world of technology! Don't the experts say that we should face our fears though?

I guess I should share a little bit about myself. I actually have quite the story to tell for someone in their early twenties...ok, mid-twenties. I love to travel and don't like to spend too long in one place. Therefore, I have travelled around the world and have seen some amazing things. (I will share some pictures along the way). I was married for about six months to someone who didn't know what the term 'faithful' meant. I can't hold grudges and I loose sleep over the thought of someone being mad at me. I have the best parents I could dream of, my sister is my idol and my best friend, my brother-in-law is my real life hero; he just got back from serving in Afghanistan. I have an amazing group of hilarious girlfriends and I have a great boyfriend who is literally the male version of me! I love animals but I am very allergic to them. I grew up with linoleum on my bedroom floor and plastic sheets; I was practically the bubble child. I have been called weird my whole life but I like to call it unique. I say 'like' and 'dude' a lot and I totally overuse the exclamation point!!!

I love fashion and home decorating. My favourite hobby is finding ways to beautify things as cheaply as possible- whether its clothing or home renovations. I look forward to sharing my fashion finds and home decorating with you. I hope I have shared enough to keep you coming back at least once more. And I hope I didn't share too much as I have a tendency to do that.

Bye for now,



Rebecca said...

Welcome to BLOG land Jessie!!! I love your intro and I just know you will end up with more blog friends than me :) Just like in real life LOL! (You ALWAYS did have more friends than me haha)...I LOVE that we can now hang out in blog land in Victoria and me over here in Edmonton...kinda feels like we are closer together through this?! I can't wait to see what you do with this blog...and since I miss your sense of humour daily I just know I will be able to log into your blog to get my daily dose!!!
Love you Jess! made me tear up when you said I was your idol :) I have the best sister in the world!!
ps- 'loose' is like loose clothing
'lose' is how your spell it silly goose haha!

Alana said...

lol you two are funny. I also signed up for this blogging today, great minds think alike obviously! And those great minds also have spelling errors too! (there is a button Jess) You are not boring so don't worry I will check your blog. And I got a tear when I read that about Becky. You two are so sweet to each other!!!! Love you both, keep in touch!!!

Jessica said...

Thanks for commenting girls! Alana, I'm glad you have joined the blogging world as well. Let me know when it's up and running. Becky, I know I have more friends than you lol....but just so you know, if you were my only friend, I would feel like the coolest girl in the world.

purple*bee*design said...

Welcome to BLOGS R US... I am fairly new at it as well. Love your sisters blog. I have 5 sisters. Nothing better than a sister. Look forward to checking your blog out.
Best of luck!

Brakes and Gas said...

Hello fellow little sister! Love your style! Looking forward to reading your adventures!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lady,

Well this is the first blog I have ever looked at and I think it's pretty cool. I will check it whenever I'm online! I am definitely going to do that picture frame thing. Do you mind if I copy you?

Anyway, I'm not going to tell you who I am... you have to guess! (Don't worry I'm not a creep, we know each other...)

Heather said...

Hi Jessica - great blog! So you're the one at all the Thrift Shops taking the furniture that was ment for me, eh? I'm the one all over UsedVic and getting furniture to paint from there! Ha ha no really, you've got great style and I will follow ya! (I use exclamations too much as well!!)