Friday, July 2, 2010

Beachy Things

Staying true to my name 'Sea to My Heart', I decided I would like to show you some of my beachy things! These little trinkets are sitting on top of my fireplace mantle. It is a really tricky space to fill because it is square shaped and HUGE!
The coolest part about my candle is how it came to be. I made the candle after a trip to Mexico I took this past Christmas with my boyfriend. My boyfriend spent hours scouring the beaches of Cancun to find me the perfect little white sea shells.
I brought them all home with me, along with the beautiful white sand from the beach. I mixed them all together and voila!
The driftwood sticks I collected on Valentines day. My boyfriend surprised me with a mini road trip to Botanical beach on Vancouver Island. We walked along the beach and collected sticks. So that is the story of how my fireplace mantle came to be :)

Bye for now,

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Rebecca said...

Jessie I LOVE all those gorgeous glass bottles and the colours are like they were plucked out of that photo of Ian in the ocean! Reminds me of my favorite place too!