Friday, July 2, 2010

The Ultimate Legging

I just HAVE to share this find. Both my friend and my Step-Mom were wearing these awesome Jeans the other day. The jeans fit like a glove and made them both look super thin. I knew I had to get my mitts on a pair of these. I found them at The Bay and they were only $40! They are called Skinny Jeanz Legging by HUE. They have an elastic waist with no fly but they have back pockets. They are thicker than a legging but thinner than jeans. They come in light blue, medium blue and a blackish colour. They fit so well (great bum pants) and they are also amazingly comfortable. All I can really say about these suckers is that they are unreal. I have never been so passionate about a pair of pants in my life. I feel like I have a crush on my pants ?!?

Bye for now,



Rebecca said...

Omg Jess are those ever cute!!! I have seen leggings before that had a jean "print" on them and thought meh! But these are SWEET!!! They look like jeans but have the comfort factor of leggings!! I CANNOT wait to pick up the two pairs you bought for me when we drive out on Tuesday!!!
Love you!


These at The Bay??? I'm on it today. Thanks for the heads up. Good luck with your new blog .. you will do well.

Jessica said...

They were at The Bay but if you can't find them there and they won't order them for you, you can buy them online at
I love Amazon!


Paint Me White said...

Hi Jessica welcome to the blogging world. I like to read Rebecca's blog and her home transformations so now I can get double the dose with yours as well. Hello from Australia Sandy xx (I too worry about spelling mistakes in my blog but I can assure you if you do make one every one will let you know)