Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring is Coming

The flowers are slowly beginning to come out and the sun is shining on occasion. Spring is definitely in the air. This time is bitter sweet for me because I have to put away my sweaters and scarfs but in turn I get to pull out my sleeveless tops and sandals! In late February we had our last, very unusual snowfall. I thought I better capture this moment so I pulled out the Cannon, set it on self timer and snapped a couple shots.

I just love the military buttons on this Zara sweater! Good bye cold weather, hello SUN ;)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's Raining Babies!

Tis the season of babies! One of my closest friends Lindsay and my sister from another mister Alana are both expecting within the next three weeks! AND my sister just announced that she is expecting! Yay for babies. My friend Krystal and I hosted a baby shower for our friend Lindsay. Being very nostalgic, we decided on a Beatrix Potter theme! Some of my favourite childhood memories are of my Dad reading those tiny little books to my sister and I.

Krystal was nice enough to offer her house and it was the perfect setting for this special day. We filled Krystal's beautiful home with tulips, cupcakes and candles.

We printed these adorable Peter Cottontail pictures off the Internet, put them in my painted frames from home. We also found these adorable little buckets at Superstore for $2.99.

This adorable onesie that says 'Born 2011' is from Baby H&M! This gift got a lot of Aww's.

Here is the glowing Mommy to be! We are all so excited to meet her little bundle. 3 weeks and counting...

Thursday, March 10, 2011


A few weeks back my friend and I went to our local Vintage Fair. I had never been to one and was really excited! I was told that there would be tons of beautiful vintage jewelry, accessories and clothing.
As soon as we walked in my eye caught this vintage fan. I had been wanting one forever so it was a huge score for me :)

My friend Krystal loved these little brass deer and so did I. They didn't come home with us though.

This stations was my favourite. She has so many neat baskets, carts and vintage farm stuff. To be honest though, the fair was a bit of a bust :( friend and I decided to have a little fun! I literally could not see anything with these spectacles on lol.

My friend Krystal was such a sport, she even tried on some hats! I love vintage hats and really wish they would come back in style.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thrill of The Hunt

I was recently out and about in my home town. I was on the hunt for another fashionista when I came across this gal.

I totally love her relaxed, casual style. Her outfit looks thoughtful with a bit of that West Coast vibe that I oh so love! Watch the video to find out where she got her goods.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What I Wore...To a Birthday Party

I recently went to a pub to celebrate a friends Birthday. The weather was finally warm enough to wear a dress so here is what I wore... It was the first time I have ever worn this sweater and dress. I usually never wear dresses but I loved pattern on this one. This outfit felt so comfy and flowy!

My sweater was on the clearance rack at Costa Blanca for $13.00, my dress was $30 from Old Navy (Love it), my belt is vintage and my boots are Michael Kors.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Bat Of An Eye

The only time I have ever had fake eyelashes on is when I have had my makeup professionally done. I have always wanted to learn how to put them on myself. With several failed attempts, I eventually put that quest on the back burner for a while lol.

Well...I recently decided to try my hand at it again. Not really knowing anything about what kind are the best, I bought this starter kit figuring that the application tool would help.

Here is a picture of me right before my first try at gluing these suckers on.

Voila! These were my results on my very first attempt. That applicator tool REALLY helped me. I also found it very helpful to use a pair of tweezers to place them even closer to the lash line. I know I will get better and better with practice but I think they turned out pretty good!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh How I Love Thee...

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

To me Valentines Day is not about gifts, flowers or chocolates; it is about celebrating love.

In July of 2009, my life changed for the better. That is when the most amazing person I have ever met became my boyfriend. I have honestly never met someone who is so loving, thoughtful, caring and kind. You are my love, my support, my cheerleader, my comedian and my best friend. Thank you for allowing me to discover a level of love that I never knew existed. I am so excited to see what exciting things the future has in store for us. Xo

My life is overflowing with love and I am so incredibly lucky. I am showered with it every day from my amazing family. I can only hope I show you all as much love as you show me. Love you all!

I hope you are all feeling the love today :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen...We Have a Winner!

I hope everyone is having as wonderful of a weekend as I am. We went out to a local pub on Friday to celebrate a friends Birthday (outfit post coming up), I got my hair done on Saturday and then spent the rest of the weekend watching movies and eating pizza!

My very first giveaway ended at 9pm on Friday, Feb 11th. I am SO happy to announce that the winner is Brakes & Gas!

Congrats Brakes & Gas. I am so excited to send you your pendant. I just need to know what initial you would like and your mailing details and it will be in its way!

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Thrill Of The Hunt

I have been really into finding and taking video of people on the streets with style. I feel like a hunter searching for and spotting fashionistas! So I have decided to name my video segment 'The Thrill Of The Hunt'.

I recently went to a Birthday party for a friend and there were so many fashionable people there. Here is a picture of a gal who definitely has style. She was constantly getting compliments at the party and when I found where she got her shoes...I was pleasantly surprised!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pet Pampering

I have to take a moment to brag about my Mom's latest creation. My Mom is very artistic and creative. Her most recent creation was a dog bed made from a second hand side table.
She scoured the second hand shops and garage sales until she found one that was big enough for a dog.

She sawed, sanded and painted this little table to make it perfect for any lucky puppy or kitty.

She was lucky enough to have the help of my very crafty Grandpa Cliff too. He hand crafted all of the little details and spindles on this very beautiful bed.

She has decided to sell it so if you are interested, please click my 'contact me' link above. Please feel free to email me if you would like a 'how to'. Great Job Mom and Grandpa!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My First Giveaway

I have been blogging for over seven months now. I know I have not been the most reliable blogger but I have enjoyed every minute of it. I find my blog is a place where I can share my passions and hobbies with the world with the benefits of it acting as a great journal.

One of my favourite things about blogging is my followers. I honestly get so excited every time I get a new follower and I smile every time I read a new comments I am so happy to being doing my first ever giveaway to say thank you to all of my wonderful, dedicated followers.

Before I tell you what you could be winning, I wanted to show off my new little jewelry holder. I found this on the clearance rack at Urban Barn.

There is the perfect amount of space to store your rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces on here. And I just adore the little birdies on the top too!

This leads me into my giveaway. I got this wax seal initial necklace from my friend Krystal as a Birthday gift and I love, love, love it. I wear it pretty much every single day. I love it so much that I thought I would give one to one lucky reader!

Check them out on Ritzy Misfit , Etsy. I will give one randomly chosen lucky will the Ritzy Misfit Wax Seal Pendant Mini in an initial of their choice.
So the rules have to be a follower and you have to comment on this post to let me know you want to enter. For an extra entry you may do a blog post about my giveaway and provide a link to my blog but make sure to let me know you did.
*The contest will go until Friday, Feb 11th 9pm.
Good Lucky everyone!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Little Help Goes A Long Way

Sorry for the lack of post this week. I was sick last week so I did a lot of lying in bed watching the Tudors. I love that show, the costumes are unbelievable and Johnathan Rhys Meyers isn't hard to watch either ;)

On another note, I am one of those 9-5 workers...well actually 7:30-4. Waking up at 6:30am and choosing something to wear isn't exactly my favourite thing to do. I usually stand in front of my totally overstuffed closet with one eye open, scratching my head trying to figure out what to wear. I decided this week that I would buy a clothes rack and pick out my outfits before hand.

So here are my outfits for this week. I know that I may not actually wear every outfit because I also believe in dressing for your mood, but at least it is a head start. I know that this bit of help will go a long way and even give me some extra sleeping time in the mornings.

This is my new shirt that I got at a closing out sale for $24, it was 80% off. I absolutely love it and can not wait to wear it! As I was taking these pictures, I totally realized that this shirt was definitely Tudors inspired lol.