Monday, July 19, 2010


On Sunday, my boyfriend and I spontaneously decided to go Garage Sale-ing!..(not a word but it should be). I even managed to borrow a truck from some great friends just in case we found any 'big' treasures. We had so much fun, or at least I did and my boyfriend is too sweet to say anything different. I honestly felt like a pirate searching for treasures, or a kid in a candy store. I thought I would show off some of our found treasures, along with some other treasures I was recently given.

We found these old books at a garage sale that had a huge sign saying "Everything FREE". They had a cute dresser as well but unfortunately it wasn't solid wood :( My boyfriend and I felt a little like we were entering into a scene from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre... we were happy to get out of that garage alive!

This beautiful seashell was given to me by my thoughtful Auntie Mandy. She heard that I had a blog and after reading my posts about how much I love the ocean, she bought me this wonderful treasure. Thanks Auntie Mandy Xo

We found these three power line insulators amongst the rubble at another scary stop! I just love them! I googled all about them when I got home and turns out there are over 2,000 collectors of these little guys who have actual insulator clubs and shows. I knew my sister would think they were cool, so one will be heading to Edmonton soon. And now for my final treasure, my gorgeous oil painting!

When Nathaniel (my brother in law) came home this past week for a visit, he surprised my sister and I with our very own original oil paintings! I was so happy I could barely even speak. I have never owned an original one of a kind oil painting. He picked this beauty before even seeing my house too! The talented artist is a local Victoria man named Yves Gosselin. Words can't describe how much this painting means to me. I am so lucky! Thank you Nathaniel Xo

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Rebecca said...

Jess it would be a dream come true if I could go along with you on all the garagesale-ing trips you and Ian do!!! I am so in LOVE with those power line insulators...and owe I can imagine how much it hurt when one dropped on your toe lol! If you ever happen to go to a power line insulator club get-together can you please score me a few more...I'd love at least 3!!! And the painting Nathaniel bought for you is one of the prettiest paintings I've ever seen! <3
Love you!!

Amanda said...

GREAT finds little lady! and, that painting... SWOON! i mean seriously, i can't decide which i'm more jealous of: a brother in law THAT thoughtful and sweet or the painting alone. it's beyond beautiful. your home looks lovely.

MommaHensCoop said...

thanks! I got the fan at a flea market for 3 bucks! I was going to put it in my etsy shop but i just couldn't part with it!

Jessica said...

Becky, I am going to the Sidney market on Thursday night so I will get you three insulators if they have some.
Amanda, thank you! I am so lucky to have a brother like that. He is so giving...and has great style!
MommaHensCoop, what a fantastic find! I wouldn't part with it either.


Marie Z. said...

I agree, great finds! Gotta love garage sales!

I just came across your blog and it's so cute! I am following now.


Design Apprentice said...

Love your finds, that seashell is phenomenal!

Miss*Kimmy said...

Love those blue flowers!

Susan said...

Your finds are all wonderful!! The blues are so pretty!