Monday, August 2, 2010

Sister Act

Between working full time and painting all my furniture finds, I have been one busy bee lately. I did manage to spend some time with great friends this weekend though :)

A while back, I walked into a thrift shop and gasped when I saw these two beauties for sale. I bought them without a second thought and kept them for safe keeping until my sister could come out and we could paint them together.

My sister wanted the three drawer dresser and I wanted the four drawer dresser so it worked out perfectly! I decided to paint mine white (of course) with a little hint of turquoise.

I distressed it and added a key hole and pull knobs. I just love the little caster wheels on it.

You will have to check my sisters blog to see her dresser transformation (when she posts it). I had so much fun painting these with my sister. But I always have fun with her; we were born sisters but became best friends :)


Rebecca said...

That is one BEAUTIFUL dresser Jessie! Your drop pulls look perfect as does that dainty key hole! I dream of the day we can do that every weekend! LOVE you!

Natalie @ Blossoming Visions said...

What a great job you have done! It really is gorgeous. As it turns out I found you through your sister's blog. I was already following her. Glad to find you both!

Lorrie said...

Your dresser is beautiful. I have some furniture I'd like to paint - someday. But my husband is a fine carpenter and he won't let me paint anything that he's made. Sigh.

It's always fun to find another local blogger. We lived in Victoria 8 years, until April when my husband took a job up here in Parksville.


Kelly said...

Hello Jessica,
Thanks for following my blog, I am thrilled to find a fellow Victorian, who also loves thrift store shopping. I'll definitely be following your adventures in acquisition.

Kacey said...

Gorgeous dresser! You did a beautiful job with it.

Ms.Cupcake (aka Becky) said...

love love love your dresser! I really do need a compressor! I am pondering my master as well...just got a wack of vintage linens from a dear friend...inspired to say the least! I am a white girl but Josh would like some more color...I am thinking a light grey or as always light blue / turquoise. Love the inspiration pics...You must come to the mainland soon!!!!!

Danielle Noel said...

Hello fellow Victoria blogger friend! I am planning to refurbish and antique a ton of furniture that I've been collecting in light shades of white/grey-just like some of your pieces!! How wonderfully strange! I am going to be a new regular to your blog as of this very moment.
What beautifully creative pieces you have made! I am a regular to thrift stores as well-there is nothing better than finding fabulous gems to restore :) Great work!

Ashley said...

Just beautiful! I LOVE the knobs...You are so blessed to have a sister that you can paint with! I have a stinky brother ;-)

oh and I didnt varathane the armoire. I like it to distress over time on its own and I may add some more color to it...havent decided yet. I tend to change my mind a lot!

Jessica said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments! They keep me inspired to keep on painting :)
I am so happy to have also made some local Victoria blogger friends. And Becky, I make it over to the mainland every so often...I want to check out a couple second hand shops over there :)


Amanda said...

i tried commenting before and of course there was an error or something.

love these dressers! that hardware is stunning on it. always excited to see what you've worked on girl.