Monday, November 15, 2010

A Friendly Affair

Hello my lovely readers! I had the most wonderful weekend. Although I didn't do anything too crazy exciting, I got all my errands done, my housecleaning off my 'to do' list and spent some QT with my friends and boyfriend.

This is the outfit I wore to dinner with three of my wonderful friends. I found the sweater at a thrift shop called Win which stands for 'Women In Need'. It is such a great thrift shop because all of the money goes directly towards assisting women escaping from abusive relationships. My belt and bracelets are also from there :)

I always completely enjoy my time with my girlfriends. And one of my favourite ladies is expecting!! She is so tiny and beautiful and has a teeny little belly. I have recently discovered that I am pretty much obsessed with her little tummy, seriously!

I hope you all had as relaxing and satisfying of a weekend as I did.
Outfit: Sweater-vintage, Necklace/watch-Forever 21, Belt-vintage, Jeans-wax brand from Sirens, Shoes-Forever 21


Lilly said...

Weekends like that are perfect. I love your outfit, you look fab!

Kristen said...

Aw that's so cute about your friends tummy!
And I love that you shop at Thrift Stores, they are so fun! And I like that they help out!
You look great, I love your sweater, speaking of sweaters, I need to go in search for one- maybe thrift storing tomorrow!

Rebecca said...

Great outfit Jess! you are like good wine! I swear you keep looking better and better as you get older! And you started out gorgeous! Miss you!! Can't wait for Palm Springs! I don't think I've ever been this excited for a trip before and we aren't going to want to leave!

Ms.Cupcake said...

Jess! Thanks for the sweetness on my blog! YES! You should do turq and white and silver! Then we can share ideas and inspiration! I will take pics of what I have so far...
Love your thoughtful post on WIN too...your style is so relaxed cool. LOVE IT!

Mrs. Adventure said...

Those jeans fit you perfect... :+) I NEED to buy clothes bad!