Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Frilly Lilly

I have been eagerly anticipating this post for a while now. I am SO excited to finally share these pictures with you! Ok first off... a bit of background :) A while back I was contacted by a lovely woman Alana. She was opening her very own Frilly Lilly store in Yaletown. She had seen my furniture on my blog and wanted a couple pieces for her store.

Frilly Lilly is such a dreamy feminine shop! They offer waxing, tinting, manicures and pedicures, beautiful jewelry as well as bath products that look and smell so yummy, you may be tempted to eat them!! This place is true heaven for any girly girl.

Here is one of my pieces! I swear I was like a proud Mommy looking at these photos. I was so excited to have some of my pieces in such a neat shop. I love the stand with all the products too; it reminds me of a cake stand.

Here are some of those yummy bath products I was talking about. I just love how all of their products either look or smell like dessert!

This is the pedicure station I believe. I saw this before any of the tiling or pillows and it turned out so perfect! I would definitely get a pedicure here :)

I painted the china cabinet above. I used a creamy white paint and finished the back with light blue and cream paisley wall paper. I only distressed this piece slightly to keep with the overall theme of the rest of the furniture in the shop.

It looks so great with all of the products in it! I included a before picture of the china cabinet for you all to see.
I owe a big thank you to Alana at Frilly Lilly. It is such an honour to have my pieces in your shop. If any of you are ever in Yaletown, make sure to stop in! Oh...and I would also like to say a BIG thank you to my friend/delivery girl Krystal. We packed up her husbands truck with all of this furniture and she drove me over on the ferry to Vancouver for the delivery! What a good friend.


Ms.Cupcake said...

Congrats Jess! This is fantastic news! You deserve to have your lovely furniture featured!
Hope all is well! I need to be a better blogger!!! xoxo

Kacey said...

Yay for you, Jessica! How exciting! I'm not surprised someone took such an interest in your work - it's beautiful!

Rebecca said...

Horaaay!!!! I've been waiting to see these pics!!! And how cool they are showcased in such a cute shop in my favorite Vancouver area!!! I sure miss living there! I HOPE you left her with some business cards people know where to find you when they see all those lovely pieces!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you!! The pieces look beautiful. You did a great job! What a cute store. You pieces fit in perfectly.

**Frugal Contessa** said...

I totally saw this shop when I was in Vancouver a few weeks ago! I didn't go in because I was in a bit of rush, but couldn't believe the gorgeous shabby pieces. So excited to see they were created by you Jessica!

Michaela said...

This is so exciting! You are SO talented (: So glad I found your blog!! I'm your newest follower (:


Ps. I would totally get a pedi there, too. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Musings Of A Gem said...

I love your furniture...so lovely!! It's amazing to see the before photo!!

I'd definitely get my nails done there.

Gemma x

The Hatch Family said...

Oh Jessica, those pieces are just too gorgeous!! I love everything about them. What a perfect atmosphere they create for this shop. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jessica!!! How fabulous. I am certainly spreading the word around Victoria. Ian just delivered the bedside table you finished and it is FABULOUS! Now I just need your "eye" to be able to pick up some accessories.
You are very talented and I am pleased that you are being recognized.
Good luck.
PS... thanks for painting the mirror. It looks much better.
Marie-Rose Hagen

Vintage Home said...

...Yeah Jessica...Great pieces ...fabulous job!...So fun to see your pieces in their new life ...the transformation is stunning on the big piece...always so inspiring to see the B4's......Have a great weekend!

Design Apprentice said...

Absolutely amazing. I want all of your pieces. They look beyond heavenly, seriously.

PS If you figured out a way to break through the morning fog and use alarm clocks let me know.

jenna @ alittlebleu said...

oh congrats! so very exciting :) love it all... and the shop does look quite dreamy!