Wednesday, September 22, 2010

These Shoes Were Made For Walking

I am sorry that my posts have been more sparatic than usual. I have been sick, busy at work and out chasing dreams. I promise they will get more regular once my life becomes a little more regular lol.
As many of you know, I am a major bargain hunter! There is no bigger rush than finding an amazing deal. I have been looking for a pair of chunky heels for forever. I was in Winners the other day and saw these shoes on the Clearance rack. Unfortunately I noticed them at the same time as another gal AND there was only one pair left! I literally sprinted to them...and won the race. Thank God for my elementary school days in track and field ;)
As I picked the pair up just praying for a size 7, I noticed they were 7 1/2...I can work with that. I was expecting them to be at least $30-$40. Nope...$18!! I couldn't believe my eyes.

I know they are open toed and we are entering fall/winter fashions but luckily with my Dad's new place in Palm Springs and my friends December wedding in the Dominican Republic, these beauties will get a lot of use. They look perfect with a pair of jeans, dressy shorts or a skirt. And yet again...I fall in love.


All That Jazz said...

$18?? Seriously? WOW! That is a steal! They are really fabulous!!!
I hope you feel better soon, too!! :)

Mina said...

Lovely shoes!
You can use them for fall with socks under... it looks better than it sounds :)

Amanda said...

hopefully you're busy bee status lately has many great memories piling up for you to look back on... especially as you chase dreams. :)

now as for those shoes... i'm thinking i should borrow them. want to visit Ohio? ;) hehehe.

Mrs. Adventure said...

Bahahaha... please forgive me but I'm picturing you racing to those shoes and grabbing them up... all the while casing eyes at the girl you beat... thanks for the morning laugh (I needed it). Loving those shoes too of course.

Musings Of A Gem said...

They look so cute!! imagining you racing the funny!!

I've been so busy too..hope it all settles down for us soon : )

Gemma x

Jyle said...

Ohh lets go dancing int them soon my sweets!

Skifty said...

those shoes are great...and the mental picture of you running in the store while staring down that other girl is priceless. congats on your victory!!!

City Girl said...

Ooh they are gorgeous and so trendy! Good find! They will look wonderful in the sun with jeans or shorts. Or how about a little dainty dress? :)
City Girl x

jenna @ alittlebleu said...

yay for a great find. treasure hunting is the best ;)

Vintage Home said...